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  Dongying Zunxin Chemical Engineering Co., a business entity that engages in the production and sale of liquid for polyurethane elastomer (chain extender) curing agent DMTDA(E-300), DETDA(E-100) and polyurea spray material and that is located in Dawang Town Economic Development Zone in Guangrao County. Our company has complete and scientific quality management system and is able to turn out DETDA(E-100) of 3,000 tons and DMTDA (E-300) of 1,000 tons every year. We have also set up Security and Environment Protection Department, Business Department, Financial Department, Office and other departments. So far our company has been rated as high-tech enterprise by Shandong Science &Technology Department. We have also been rated as advanced organization and big taxpayer by Dongying government and as advanced organization for target management by the Administration of Work Safety of Guangrao County. Our integrity, strength and product quality have won general approval in the industry. You are welcome to visit us for guidance and business negotiation.