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Spray polyurea SPUA


Spray polyurea SPUA

Polyurea is a elastomer material that is generated through the reaction of isocyanate components and amide components. It is divided into pure polyurea and semi-polyurea which are different in propert

Polyurea is a elastomer material that is generated through the reaction of isocyanate components and amide components. It is divided into pure polyurea and semi-polyurea which are different in property. The most basic property of polyurea is resistant to corrosion, water and abrasion.

  SPUA is a new type of green material, Spray Polyurea Elastomer (hereinafter referred to as SPUA) developed and developed in recent years to meet the needs of environmental protection. SPUA technology is a new type of solvent-free, non-polluting spray technology developed after high solid coating, water-based coating, light curing (UV) coating, powder coating and so on. It is an innovation of spraying technology. In the field of petrochemical, waterproof engineering, props modeling sculpture production, workshop floor, sports facilities and other fields, its excellent physical and mechanical properties and applicable performance will give construction, machinery, chemical industry and other industries to bring new development, especially excellent Non-slip, wear-resistant performance, can effectively prevent athletes slipping or falling, improve athletic performance, and the appearance is very uniform, beautiful and practical. As a green and high-tech sprayed polyurea elastomer, it will be in China's sports facilities urban landscape sculpture architectural decoration works in the construction of a very broad application prospects. This paper mainly introduces the basic performance characteristics and construction technology of the technology, promotes the popularization and application of the technology in the sports facilities, and improves the scientific and technological content of the sports facilities and serves the sports and fitness activities.


1、SPUA research and development process

  SPUA technology development, Germany, the birthplace of the United States, the earliest development of spray polyurethane (SPU) and polyurethane / polyurea elastomer technology is Bayer, BASF, Futura and Uniroyal company. In the mid-1980s, Austin in the laboratory, successfully developed SPUA technology. In the 1990s, the United States took the lead in developing and put into commercial applications, showing its excellent comprehensive performance, through continuous summary and improvement. At present, the North American region has phased out the SPU / SPUA system, is to promote the SPUA system, Australia, Japan and South Korea in the 1990s were introduced the technology, and have been put into commercial applications. As the development of APUA formulations and the difficulty of the process is relatively large, Australia and Southeast Asia generally from the equipment to the overall import of raw materials, or joint venture construction approach. China Ocean Chemical Research Institute in 1995 to carry out APUA technology to explore the early work of the previous years, domestic manufacturers began to purchase equipment, product design and development of independent intellectual property rights APUA formula system, and has launched suitable for China's national conditions, low The price level for the SPUA (A) series of products and with independent intellectual property rights of the key raw materials A621 series of amino polyether, in January 2003 by the State Economic and Trade Commission of the experts on the technical appraisal, to the international advanced level for our country & ldquo ; Spray polyurea elastomer technology "large-scale promotion and popularization to provide a reliable guarantee, and in Qingdao, Shanghai, Dalian and other projects in the successful application.

2、The basic performance of SPUA

  1)Without the catalyst, can achieve the required fast curing time; can be any surface, slope and vertical surface spray molding, does not produce sagging phenomenon, can be about 5s to reach the gel (usually 30 ~ 50s or so), 1 min Can be achieved walking intensity, moisture and moisture is not sensitive to the construction from the ambient temperature, humidity, can be cured in the wet environment and interface without affecting its performance, at -28 ℃ or so construction does not affect its applicability .

  2)100% high solid content, without any solvent and affect the strength of the additives, no pollution, the impact on the environment is small, is not the organic volatile organic products.

  3)Has a very excellent flexibility, wear resistance and body tensile strength and other physical and mechanical properties. On the steel, aluminum, concrete, asphalt and other substrates have a very good connection strength, its aging resistance is also very prominent.

  4)Excellent high and low temperature performance, in the -25 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ temperature range can have good thermal stability, can be long-term use.

  5)Can be adjusted according to the formula from the soft rubber (Shao A hardness of 30) to the hard elastomer (Shao D hardness 65) of the different properties of the material.

  6)Can be added to a variety of pigments made of different color products, can be mixed with other fillers such as short glass fiber and other materials to enhance.

  7)Using special construction equipment, high construction efficiency.

  SPUA material has a very superior physical and mechanical properties. UVB-313 lamp with anti-ultraviolet anti-aging test, the test temperature of 50 degrees, the test time of 3871 hours, anti-aging performance unparalleled. SPUA material of a variety of excellent performance, all with the SPUA material stable molecular structure.

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